Join Us and Trade China- and RMB-Related Products Directly

In order to participate in trading of CEINEX cash market products, a trading membership with Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB®), the cash market of Deutsche Börse Group, is required. Applying for a trading membership, also referred to as a Non-clearing membership (NCM), is simple and straightforward. The basic requirements are:

  • Independent company with a minimum equity capital of EUR 50,000, unless the applicant is a bank
  • At least one board member must have sufficient experience in securities trading
  • Admission of registration of at least one trading participant (trader admission)
  • Technical connection to the Xetra trading platform (via leased line / internet line or by using a web frontend)
  • Participation in the clearing process through an agreement with a Clearing Member of Eurex Clearing

You can find more detailed information on the trading member application and procedures here.


One Trading Membership - Global Products

The time has come to trade China and the world from a single access: The FWB membership does not only allow access to CEINEX products, but also to the suite of European and global products traded at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

For trading CEINEX derivatives, a membership with Eurex, the fully-integrated derivatives markets of Deutsche Börse AG, is required.

You may find most of the information about trader admission below.


FWB Trader Admission – For Cash Market Products

Admission requirements and the admission process for trading on Xetra and FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Eurex Trader Admission – For Derivatives Products

Any person that shall be authorized to trade at Eurex Deutschland on behalf of a member needs to be admitted by Eurex Deutschland as exchange trader first.


Trading Times at Xetra (XETR) (CET)

8.50 a.m. Opening auction

9.00 a.m. Start of trading

5.30 p.m. End of trading and closing auction


Trading Times at Börse Frankfurt (XFRA) (CET)

8.00 a.m. Start of trading

8.00 p.m. End of trading


How Can Investors Join CEINEX Market?

Buy-side institutions and financial market end customers can access CEINEX market and its products via service providers.